Bears, Eagles, Steelers among nine most improved teams ahead of 2024 NFL season

We’re nearing the final month of the offseason, so it’s a good time to start thinking about where things stand around the NFL. There’s been the annual free agency frenzy, all the hype surrounding the draft and the next items to follow will be the post-June 1 cost-saving cuts. We have enough information to start making some decent evaluations. It’s not hard to see which teams have done the best job of improving themselves over the past few months.


This piece will focus on exactly that — the teams that have enhanced their chances for success this coming fall with their offseason decisions. That doesn’t mean all these squads will end up in the playoffs, because some need a little more seasoning. This is mainly an attempt to identify those teams that should be markedly better in 2024 after the moves they’ve made. They’re heading in the right direction, which should result in more satisfying results.

So here are the nine most improved teams of this offseason. I could’ve listed 10 but we must leave some room for more livelier debate.

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